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Terms & Conditions of Sale - Club Tickets

1) Non-transfer of Tickets

1.1 A Ticket is issued for your sole use and you shall not resell or (save as set out in clause 1.3 below) transfer any Ticket to any other person without the prior written consent of the League.

1.2 Without prejudice to the general wording set out in clause 1.1 above, no Ticket may: - 

  • (A) be used for any promotional purpose whatsoever (including, by way of example, in any competition, auction, give-away, or as a premium);
  • (B) be transferred, lent or sold to any third party as part of a hospitality or travel package unless you have the prior written consent of the League. 

1.3 If more than one Ticket is issued to you those Tickets may be used only by you and the person(s) intending to accompany you to the Match. 

1.4 In the event that you and/or the person(s) intending to accompany you to the Match are unable to use any Ticket then you may transfer the Club Ticket to a natural person that is known to you who would be entitled (under the Terms & Conditions of Entry) to purchase such Ticket and attend such Match PROVIDED THAT such transfer takes place in consideration of no payment or benefit in excess of the face value of the Club Ticket and such transfer does not take place during the course of any

1.5 All Tickets will remain the property of the Club at all times and must be produced together with evidence of your identity if required to do so by any official, steward or employee of the League, Ground or any police officer.The Club reserves the right to retain any Ticket at any time.

1.6 Any League or Club Ticket obtained or used in breach of the Terms & Conditions of Entry shall be void and all rights conferred or evidenced by the relevant Ticket shall be nullified. Misuse of a Ticket may result in the holder being ejected from the Ground and/or the cancellation and withdrawal of that Ticket. In the event of any cancellation and withdrawal in accordance with this clause 1.6, no refund shall be payable. 

1.7 The Club further reserves its right to take any legal action against any appropriate persons as it sees fit in connection with such matters including, without limitation, banning such persons from attending future matches.

1.8 The club reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to allocate, on a temporary basis, an alternative seat anywhere in the Ground, including (but without limiting the circumstances when that discretion may be exercised):

  • (A) when the stand or part of the stand is closed for repairs, maintenance or rebuilding; or
  • (B) when the club, the police or any other relevant authority otherwise considers it desirable in the interests of safety, crowd control or other Club requirements to reallocate the seat.

2 Governing Law
2.1 These Conditions of Issue shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of England and Wales. The parties hereby submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of England and Wales



The Club considers that the noise, crowds and atmosphere makes it inappropriate for very young infants and babes in arms to be brought to matches. However, the Club also respects the rights of a parent to make a decision about the well-being of their child and as a result will not stop a parent bringing an infant or babe in arms to home games if they choose to do so.

It is acknowledged that the responsibility for the infant or baby’s welfare, comfort and safety lies entirely with the parent at all times during the match, pre and post match activities and at all times while on the footprint of the Northern Commercials Stadium or any facilities on the periphery of the stadium whether or not that area is controlled by the football club.

Where parents wish to bring an infant or baby to a match at the Northern Commercials Stadium, a ticket for that infant or baby must be purchased. Such ticket will be charged at the concessionary junior ticket rate.

Specifically, parents must be aware there are risks to consider including, for example, the danger associated with a ball travelling at speed into the crowd, the impact of crowd noise on your baby and the potential for adverse weather. Therefore, the Club would recommend that infants and babies are not taken into sections of the stadium that are directly behind the goal in the North Stand Kop or South Stand or in the lower section of the West Stand. 

Within the West Stand, access to banqueting rooms may be allowed with one parent if the child becomes factitious or unsettled by the behaviour of the crowd or the noise while the match takes place. The Club has only limited baby-changing facilities available within the stadium. The Club is unable to offer any storage facilities for prams or buggies.

Bradford City Football Club confirms that admittance of an infant or baby to a match is entirely at the discretion of the parents who make an informed decision in this regard following the outlining of the risk factors to them. We accept no liability in the event of a child being harmed in any way by one of the risk factors listed above or any other incident in the stadium.



The club have come up with a much simpler system for under 11 fans attending games. Any under eleven fans who either pre purchase their tickets, or who purchase on matchday, subject to attending the game with a full paying adult or full paying concession (Seniors or Students) will be entitled to purchase match tickets for £5.00 each.

FlexiCard holders can also purchase under 11 match day tickets at a cost of £5 each. The under 11 tickets can only be purchased at the time the advance flexi-card ticket or match ticket is purchased. This offer is extended to adult, senior citizen or student ticket holders, it does not apply to any junior tickets being purchased.



Bradford City is supporting the 'Tickets For Troops' military charity throughout the 2018/2019 campaign. The club will be donating 100 free match tickets for every home league match to be used by the country's servicemen and women. These tickets can ONLY be obtained via the Tickets For Troops website -

Tickets will NOT be available from the Bantams Ticket Office at the Northern Commercials Stadium. Any servicemen and women needing to pick up tickets on a match-day, however, can do so from the 1911 Club main reception.



All tickets sold online are subject to the Ground Regulations which are in the Stadium section on this website and at points around the stadium. 

JCT600 Stand Block A

Please note that seats in the JCT600 Block A are not under cover and are open to the elements. With this in mind, they are not available for sale unless in certain circumstances.

Northern Commercials Stand (Midland Road)

The Northern Commercials Stand on Midland Road is only open to home supporters between and including Blocks A - G. This is open to change, however, depending on visiting club's away ticket allocation.

TL Dallas Stand

Please note that the T.L Dallas Stand is open to AWAY FANS ONLY for the 2018/2019 season. This is open to change.

Family Areas

There are no designated family areas within Valley Parade although Block F of the JCT600 Stand and Blocks A and B of the Northern Commercials Stand have been used as 'family friendly' sections of the ground in the past.

Suite Upgrades

Season Ticket holders can upgrade to use the Supporters Suites in the Main Stand or Bantams Bar for a fee of £10.00 adults and £5.00 juveniles. Upgrades are only available through the Ticket Office in advance and not on the day of the match. 

T&Cs 2018/19 V2