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To Purchase a 2018/19 Season Ticket and Membership Package Please  CLICK HERE 

Do you believe in Bradford City?

Over the past few seasons we have seen season ticket sales grow from 11,000 to over 18,500 as a result of our affordable pricing structure.
Under new ownership the plan is to continue to keep tickets affordable whilst adopting a strategy that will hopefully see the club back in the Championship and eventually the Premier League.

Along the way, as a season ticket holder you will see an investment in our youth academy, money spent on the infrastructure of the stadium and the introduction of a membership structure to bring Bantams fans from all over the world, closer to their club. 

So, our question to you is "Do You Believe?"

  • Do you believe in progress on and off the field? 
  • Do you believe in building a better matchday experience?
  • Do you believe in finding the best young talent in West Yorkshire to play for your club?
  • Do you believe in affordable football for everyone? 
  • Do you believe that we will be back in the Premier League one day? 

As in previous years, every season ticket holder will gain access to all 23 home league games. However, this season we are introducing free membership for everyone who purchases a full season ticket. 

The membership packages will allow you to invest in the future of your club and gain exclusive members’ privileges including discounts, VIP invites and money can't buy experiences.

To assist all supporters renewing or buying their season tickets for the first time, please find below a list of frequently asked questions. If there are any questions that are not answered below please email 

Is there a maximum amount of Under 11 Season Tickets I can purchase?
There is no limit to how many under 11 season tickets can be purchased with an adult’s season ticket. In previous season, this has been limited to two per adult.

What will I need to purchase a Season Ticket?
If you are an existing season ticket holder, buying online or at the ticket office will require your membership number. This can be found on your season ticket card.
If this is your first season ticket, you will be given a membership number once you have purchased a ticket.

How much is the booking fee?
There will be a booking fee of £1.50 per ticket.

How do I update my details online?
Due to new GDPR rules coming into play later this year, the club will be required by law to keep accurate data records with customers’ consent. As such when you log onto the new online system for the first time you will be asked to update all your details. An email, postcode, or telephone number will be obligatory.

I can’t remember my password. How do I create a new one?
You will require your password to access the new online ticketing system. This will be your existing password. If password unknown please click reset password and an email will be sent to your registered email address.

How do I renew my 25 Year Season Ticket?
For 25 year season ticket holder wishing to renew, you will find your option under the products section of the website and NOT under the season ticket tab. 

How do I purchase a Webflexi ticket? 
For those wishing to buy the Webflexi season ticket, you will find your option under the products section of the website and not under the season ticket tab. 

What are memberships? Can I get a membership with a Webflexi?
All supporters buying a full season ticket and Webflexi product will receive a free level of membership. Memberships can be bought separately for supporters that for whatever reason cannot buy a season ticket.

Age Brackets

If for whatever reason, the system does not recognise a change in your age, you will be asked for a proof of ID on collection or posting of your season ticket.

The following age brackets will apply; 

  • Senior Citizens must be 60 or over on the 1st August 2018
  • Juniors must be under 16 on the 1st August 2018
  • Under 11s must be under 11 on the 1st August 2018

For any supporters who last season bought a flexi card please be aware this product has now changed to a Webflexi. The new Webflexi will be £75 and offer you match day tickets at £10, but you will not be guaranteed the same seat each match. You will need to log onto the system and chose your seat for the match.

For any current flexi card holder, our new system will recognise that you had this product last season and offer you the opportunity to keep the seat by upgrading to a full season ticket.

Disabled Supporters
For supporters entitled to a free carer ticket, the club will oblige with offering a free CITIZEN membership (worth £24) to the carer also. However, to receive this membership, all carers will be required to provide their full data details, as would be normal for any other member.

Matchday Pricing
Match day ticket prices for season 2018/19 will be frozen. This means an adult ticket bought on a match day will be £25. HOWEVER this will be reduced to £20 if bought the day before a match takes place. This is important for Webflexi members, as they will pay £10 per match.