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Priority Away Ticket Membership

Our Priority Away Membership scheme was originally conceived in 2012 to give supporters the first opportunity to purchase away match tickets where demand is likely to outweigh availability.

We are aware that now we have over 18,000 season ticket holders the demand for high profile away games will be greater than ever. This, however, is not the case for all away games but appreciate we still have a significant number of supporters that do travel to every game no matter the location or profile and this is something we are very proud of.

It is worth pointing out that the scheme is OPTIONAL and with demand likely to be high we have following consultation with supporters decided to increase the price to £20 as to attach a genuine value to the membership and its benefits.  

In addition we have spent time speaking with other clubs collating information as to the likely away allocations we will be given at each of the other 23 League One Clubs.

Previously the Club have limited the scheme to 2000 members and membership will be limited again upon availability but it is likely that away at games such as Fleetwood Town and perhaps in the early rounds of the FA Cup, there could be instances whereby we receive a lower than normal ticket allocation. As such it is worth re-iterating that the Priority Away membership scheme is aimed at giving fans the first opportunity to buy tickets for designated away games on a first come first served basis. It does NOT guarantee anyone a ticket to every away game so we ask you to make your decision based on this information. However, should we again be successful in any of the Cup competitions and draw a high profile away tie, it will give you a higher chance of obtaining a ticket and will give members priority over and above any Season Ticket or Flexi Card holder that does not have the membership.

Once purchased this membership will be added and stored to your individual profile on our ticketing system and will be recognised when buying tickets for games online, over the phone or in person.