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City's dismay at card abuse

20 October 2012

Official statement on behalf of Bradford City Football Club:

At recent games it has come to the football club’s notice that there has been an increase in abuses of the club’s entry card system.  

Involving only a minority of supporters, the abuses apply to both Season Ticket and FlexiCards.  

The club is proud that it has tried to come up with cost-effective ways of entering the ground and some of its initiatives have been ground-breaking in the football world.  

With Bradford City Season Tickets giving fantastic value for money and the club's FlexiCards offering flexibility unseen at the majority of other football clubs, it is particularly upsetting that some supporters feel it necessary to try and defraud the club that they call their own.

A club spokesman said today, “We have the best fan-base in the League and we try to match that by offering the best admission rates and concessions to our regular supporters."  

"It is hugely disappointing that those attempts are thrown back in our faces with card-holders abusing their entry cards.  

"We are now faced with additional security costs to tackle this issue which affects ground safety and, of course, reduces the club’s legitimate income.  

"It is sickening that people who call themselves true Bradford City fans would seek to defraud the club in this way”.

The issue basically revolves around fans using their Season Tickets or FlexiCards to gain entry into the ground and then passing the cards back to fans outside the stadium in an attempt to re-use them.  

The club will now face additional security costs to tackle this issue and will use all measures at its disposal to cut-out this abuse of the ticketing system.  

The football club would also like to emphasise that anyone involved in this abuse will have their cards taken from them (without refund) and be subject to a club ban from the stadium.

It is hoped that this problem can be resolved with the co-operation of the Bradford City fans.  

The club spokesman went on to suggest, “There has always been the odd issue with fraudulent entry, but this has increased at recent games.

"We are determined to cut-out the abuse on both safety grounds and because these people are reducing the funds needed to maintain our drive up the League table”.  

.  07949 814243Any supporter who has information on any abuses of the ticketing system can email the Club or text the match-day line on

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