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Bradford City Football Club Ltd
The Northern Commercials Stadium
Health & safety policy

The Board of Directors of Bradford City Football Club Limited undertakes to ensure, as far as possible, that all activities that take place at the Northern Commercials Stadium and at any associated venues such as its training grounds, are conducted in such a way that, as far as is reasonably practicable, the safety of everybody attending the venue is assured.

To ensure this undertaken is met, the Board of Directors:

  • Employ suitably qualified people to deliver all parts of its operation in a safe manner
  • Make physical and financial resources available to ensure that adequate safety precautions can be taken at all times
  • Make physical and financial resources available so that equipment and machinery can be maintained properly and checked and certified
  • Ensure adequate numbers of staff, with training in the delivery of health and safety practices, are provided within the management structure of the Club or make resources available when in-house cover does not have the required skills or qualifications
  • Ensure all staff members and visitors are aware of this policy by its inclusion on the Club’s website and by it being provided to all department heads for cascade to their staff
  • Maintain and monitor health and safety health and safety records including details of near-misses, exercises, etc
  • Ensure all health and safety practices are reviewed regularly to provide continual improvement in the Club’s practices and that this policy is reviewed at least once annually (date of the last review is indicated in the footer)
  • Ensure that the stadium is operated within approved safe practices

Associated activities and points of contact - the Board of Directors have appointed a Facilities Manager who oversees all matters relating to health and safety at the Club.  He is based at the Northern Commercials Stadium and therefore, if any issues occur at training grounds these should be reported to each individual’s line manager in the first instance.  If this does not remedy the situation, the matter should be referred to the Facilities Manager at the stadium and then the Directors of Bradford City Football Club.  In the event of a major or urgent failure in health and safety procedures, this can be reported to any individual within this same chain of management.

Many of the operations at the Northern Commercials Stadium are operated under licence or franchise arrangements.  Each operation will have its own chain of command and management arrangements for its events and/ or activities.  The Board of Directors have nominated an available Board member and appointed a Facilities Manager who will oversee all matters relating to health and safety at the Club.  The franchisee management must ensure that the Facilities Manager is notified in advance of all events and that adequate precautions are taken to deliver any event within the terms of any licensing requirements and in a safe manner. The Facilities Manager can act in an advisory capacity for any event if required but will make final decisions where there is any doubt or conflict.  Any issues at an event, must be reported to the Facilities Manager (preferably by email) within 24 hours of the event.

At the present time, the Facilities Manager is David Dowse and the available Board member (Chief Operating Officer) is James Mason.


Signed                                                                         Signed

Edin Rahic                                                                   Stefan Rupp
Joint Chairman                                                            Joint Chairman